The Purpose of Music

Lately in my work as a music therapist, I have been deeply touched by the connections my clients have with music. Music really does have the power to transform lives, and I’m so thankful to have this reminder as I witness the value of music in people’s lives.

I hear the value frequently: “Music is the only thing that is helping”; “Music is the only thing I have left”; “I need more music in my life”.

I believe that all people have an integral connection to music. People use music to cope, grow, love, support, feel, dream, protest, work, play, and live. Music is a need. Humans need music–the living, breathing, soul-stirring, goosebump-giving–music to be able to journey through life. We need to feed our musical self and let it speak to us.

I truly cherish and honor the relationship music creates between my clients and I, and as a music therapist, will continue to bring quality person-centered care to create healing music experiences for people of all ages and abilities.