Music Therapy in Nursing Facilities

I am frequently asked if we provide music therapy services in the nursing homes. Well, YES! Living Music LLC provides group and individual services through contracts with nursing facilities in the area.

Here is a recent photo that was printed in The Lima News of a session in action:

Music therapy is beneficial to residents in long-term care, skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care. Our music therapists create music-centered sessions to provide the opportunity for residents to be alert and engaged, making music, and sharing memories at their own level of functioning. One of our main goals is to provide the experience to be actively involved in music because of the many cognitive, emotional, and social benefits music-making (or “musicking”) has.

Group music therapy is beneficial for a group of residents with similar emotional/cognitive needs. Typically, in skilled nursing/long-term care this would be a group of 8-10 individuals, who are involved within the music both verbally and non-verbally and given more individualized, enriching music making experiences through assisted instrument play and focused/structured singing. In memory care, this would be a group of 12-15 individuals, who are making music through instrument playing and singing, prompting reminiscence and the emotional connections music naturally creates.

Individual music therapy is beneficial for residents who are prone to isolation, having depressive symptoms, frequently anxious, taking many routine and/or PRN medications for behaviors/anxiety, difficult to engage and/or socialize with, terminally ill or weak, and/or having difficulty adjusting to a recent move to the facility.

Along with contracting with nursing facilities, Living Music LLC’s therapists can be privately hired through families and see their loved one where they reside, at home or in a nursing facility.

Interested in how music therapy can be implemented in your facility or for your loved one? Contact Brittany here.