Watch it! Music Therapy Explained.

How does music fit into your life?

A wonderful music therapist created a vlogumentary about music therapy and its intentional use of music to achieve better health and wellness. It starts with the question “How does music fit into your life?”

Watch Michelle’s Vlogumentary and be inspired!!

It’s easy to say we all use music for many parts of our lives. I myself listen to music while I clean the house, while I’m driving, and when I’m getting ready in the mornings to get energized. I also may listen to music when I’m winding down for the night and having a glass of wine. I play music when I feel the need to express and/or really relax and connect with myself. I have fond memories of the music I listened to in Jr. High, High School, and College-although it’s not my first choice anymore!

Music is a part of our lives, no matter who you are and how much you may be involved in it. We live off of rhythm-our breathing and heartbeat-and music can touch us in ways no other medium can.

Michelle explains this so beautifully. We are musical beings–and occasionally, we need music therapy to assist us with health and wellness goals or needs. Music therapists “use music intentionally”. We are trained to understand how the brain responds to music and how to adapt the music to create a treatment plan. Within these moments of music making, “something happens”.

In my own experience, I have had clients who haven’t spoke for years all the sudden sing in music therapy. I have had client’s who haven’t been able to express their anger or sadness be able to put these feelings into song lyrics or drumming rhythms. It’s not magic, but it is definitely an amazing human experience.

I hope this helps really explain what music therapy is and what I do here at Living Music, LLC. I am truly blessed to be able to touch so many lives with music! For more information on music therapy and my services, visit

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