Send Your Best Angel (for my Mama)

How are we LIVING MUSIC?

My most favorite part of my job is being there with people as they live their music.

Music is based on inspiration-all music is written because of something-a feeling, a story, a purpose, a dream. In this blog series, I will be sharing examples of music that my clients/patients are LIVING–the music that they bring to me in our therapy sessions that makes a difference in their life, brings them peace or comfort, allows them to feel something they need to feel, and share their story.

Send your Best Angel (for my Mama) is an old gospel standard. There are many versions of this song, however my patient’s favorite is a version done by a young girl singing and her acoustic guitar. (How perfect! I can easily bring this music to life!)

Listen to how this patient is living music:

Here’s why I love this song:
-The song is a wonderful dedication song. It provides people the musical space to make wishes and express hopes.
-The song validates death. Death is a normal transition in our lives and deserves to be talked about, observed, and honored just as much as any other part in our lives.
-The song provides connection. It reaches several aspects of a person’s life and provides support into a multitude of emotions.

Music is a part of life. Music is a part of us. We are all musical beings who need to feed this part of us with our own living music.

Be well and #liveyourmusic,


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