Music Therapy Services

Private Music Therapy Services

For adults and/or children with

  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Terminal Illness
  • Mental Illness
  • Neurologic/Development Disorders
  • Medical Conditions such as Cancer, Stroke, Chronic Pain
  • Grief Support Needs
  • Caregiving Support Needs
  • General Well-Being Needs

Contracted Music Therapy Services

Living Music provides services for residents, patients, and staff at:

  • Assisted Living Centers/Nursing Facilities
  • Memory Care Units
  • Hospice Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Wellness Centers

Music therapy sessions follow a treatment plan to achieve the goals and objectives of the client, as assessed by the music therapist and the client.

Goals and objectives are evaluated on-going and music therapy interventions are adaptable to create positive outcomes of treatment.

Therapeutic Music Experiences May Include:

  • Listening to live or recorded music
  • Learning music-assisted relaxation techniques
  • Singing familiar songs with live accompaniment
  • Improvising music on instruments or voice
  • Learning to play an instrument, such as piano or guitar
  • Writing song lyrics or composing music
  • Creating art with music
  • Dancing or moving to live or recorded music
  • Discussing one’s emotional reaction or meaning attached to a particular music experience
  • Advancing language skills with music
  • Regulating motor planning with music
  • Creating legacy projects with music

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