“Music is life”: Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii in Music Therapy

“Music is life”

“I have a lot of music left in me yet”

These are two phrases I recently heard from clients. When I heard these expressions, I recognized the spiritual and emotional importance music has for them. Music IS life; at least, I believe so. No matter the stage of life we are in, we still have so much living to do; so much “music” in us yet. Music may not be a song, or sounds, but it may just be the rhythm we feel in our lives, and our need to make an impact with what we say and/or do.

This week I’m sharing the song “Blue Hawaii”, originally written by Bing Crosby. The song was made popular (again) in 1961 when sung by Elvis Presley who starred in the movie Blue Hawaii.

Blue Hawaii is being lived by a client of mine who loves Hawaiian music and is currently exploring his dreams from the past and how he has achieved meaningful things in his life.

Why I love Blue Hawaii and use it in music therapy:

-It opens the door for discussion about dreams—people love to share their dreams!
-It has a simple, rocking/swaying tempo that feels reminiscent of the Hawaiian life: slowing down, feeling the ocean breeze, and enjoying all things.


Listen to my recording here:

Be well & live your music,


How are you LIVING MUSIC?

My most favorite part of my job is being there with people as they live their music.

Music is based on inspiration-all music is written because of something-a feeling, a story, a purpose, a dream. In this blog series, I will be sharing examples of music that my clients/patients are LIVING–the music that they bring to me in our therapy sessions that makes a difference in their life, brings them peace or comfort, allows them to feel something they need to feel, and share their story.

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