Mother-Baby Song Time

“Mothers around the world sing to their infants in remarkably similar ways, and infants prefer these specialized songs,” she said. “The tempo and key certainly don’t need to be perfect or professional for mothers and infants to interact through song.

“In fact, infants may be drawn to the personalized tempo and pitch of their mother, which encourage them to direct their gaze toward and ultimately communicate through this gaze”

Singing to your infant is a beautiful way to engage and bond with that little bundle of joy! Your infant prefers your voice, and he/she doesn’t care if you are perfectly in pitch or the next American Idol. He/she just loves to hear you sing! This study found that mother’s singing was more effective in keeping attention and engagement than recorded music. There is also implications of the bond and engagement created through singing to create a feeling of empowerment for mothers experiencing postpartum depression. You can read the full news article here.

At Living Music LLC, we provide opportunities for moms and littles to create, play, and make music together for bonding, either through group music making or individualized music therapy treatment.

Read more about our early childhood music program, Growing Together in Music, or contact Brittany for more information on music therapy for the mother/infant dyad.





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