“I Want a Girl”

This song was a favorite of a past patient of mine. He remembered singing it in his early 20’s while in the service–sometimes he would even lead the song while him and his buddies were out having fun!

Written in 1911 by Al Jolson, it was a popular tune among barber shop quartets.

How are we LIVING MUSIC?

My most favorite part of my job is being there with people as they live their music.

Music is based on inspiration-all music is written because of something-a feeling, a story, a purpose, a dream. In this blog series, I will be sharing examples of music that my clients/patients are LIVING–the music that they bring to me in our therapy sessions that makes a difference in their life, brings them peace or comfort, allows them to feel something they need to feel, and share their story.

Here’s why I like this song:
-The tempo is fun and energetic
-It’s easy to sing along to and catch on to the lyrics
-It opens up the discussion and reminiscence of parents, dating, love, and marriage.

I hope you enjoy it too! LISTEN to me singing the tune here:

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