Growing Together in Music (GTM) is a music enrichment program focusing on the parent-child bond and the child’s innate responses to music to enhance development, self-expression, and connection to others.

GTM believes that all children need to have the opportunity to create music in an environment that fosters self-esteem, empowerment, and creativity.

Why Music?

Music carries meaning in our lives, and when created with others, can help create strong, positive relationships. Children specifically respond to many elements of music. Elements of rhythm, melody, timbre, harmony, tempo, and dynamics can be experienced through a child’s physical, psychosocial, emotional, and cognitive states of being. Music can be adapted and improvised to enhance development in these areas.

Parents are an important part of GTM. Children naturally respond to and model their parent/caregiver. Children trust these relationships and this in turn provides a space for them to explore their surroundings and self. Parents/Caregivers also have a role in helping create positive music experiences within the group. These experiences can be transferred to home-life and used to continue development outside of the GTM session.

Growing Together in Music classes include: Live music led with guitar and keyboard, instrument playing, movement with music, music & play, singing, and improvisation. Class registration includes digital downloads of the lyrics of songs used in class, as well as MP3 downloads of selected songs.

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WINTER I 2018-Drop ins welcome!

January 6/9/10-February 10/13/14

Saturday 10:30: Ages 0-3

Tuesday 10:30: Ages 0-3

Wednesday 5:30: Ages 3-5

WINTER II 2018-Registration Open

February 21/22/23-March 28/29/30

Wednesday 5:30: Ages 3-5

Thursday 9:30: Ages 0-3

Friday 10:15: Ages 0-3


April 18/21-May 23/26

Wednesday 9:15: Ages 0-3

Wednesday 5:30: Ages 3-5

Saturday 10:30: Ages 0-3

Can’t attend every class? No problem, drop-ins are welcome!

Drop in rate: $12/class (one child); $15/class (two or more children)

Classes held at Topsy Turvy Toys, 464 S Washington Street, New Bremen, Ohio. Each class is developed with age development in mind for optimal growth in music!! Children can take each class several times, as the GTM sessions are ever-changing and children continue to learn new things each time!


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