Music Therapy for your Patients/Clients

Living Music LLC provides contracted music therapy services for a variety of healthcare facilities, including hospice agencies, nursing facilities, assisted living centers, senior behavioral health centers, hospitals, memory care communities, and community/mental health centers.

Group and/or individual services are available with a person-centered focus on achieving improved quality of life and addressing mental/emotional health needs. We find that regular music therapy services improve patient, family, and staff satisfaction.

Each healthcare facility has different needs for music therapy, and we are committed to setting up the best-possible scenario for your community and patients.

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Music Therapy for your Staff

Living Music LLC is honored to care for caregivers and provide evidence-based services that enhance team building and self-awareness, reduce burnout and compassion fatigue, and provide caregivers tools to create wellness in their lives and their patients/clients. Music therapy will make a positive impact for staff meetings, support groups, and/or trainings.

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